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transfer machine

SKU: TTP0009 Quantity:

new model transfer machine
only print out outlining picture
suit for win 7 or XP

Price: $200

Kuro Sumi 0.5oz 16 Colors Primary Set

SKU: TKS0019 Quantity:

Koi Yellow; Rising sun orange; Dragons breath red; Brown belt; Ninja smoke; Double sumi; White rice mixing; Samurai white; Golden yambuki; Bamboo green; Sukiyaki silver; Tsunami blue; O-shane blue; Magnolia pink; Mt.Fuji magenta; Shikon purple.

Price: $158

Spirit transfer cream 2oz

SKU: TTP0008 Quantity:

USA original package

Price: $14.55

Hush spray 2oz

SKU: TNB0010 Quantity:

Authorized reseller ,import from USA
Once the skin is broken, apply the HUSH anesthetic tattoo numbing spray generously to the area that is being tattooed. The formula will activate within 90 seconds of contact. For best results, however, wrap the tattoo area in plastic and let spray absorb into the skin for 10-15 minutes.

Price: $45

Hush Jel 2oz

SKU: TNB0009 Quantity:

Will not affect any ink or the healing process, Does NOT contain Epinephrine
The only numbing agent formulated to be used BEFORE and DURING tattooing, No need to break the skin first
Effective for Tattoing, Tattoo removal, Piercing, Waxing, Electrolysis, Laser Hair Removal, Permanent Makeup, and many more

Price: $40

Star brite 1oz Brite White

SKU: TSB0001 Quantity:

1oz 30ml

Price: $22.5

Skin numb cream 20g

SKU: TNB0007 Quantity:

professional numbing cream
Topical Anesthetic
Lidocaine Cream 5%
* Tattoo
* Laser
* Piercing
* Painful Dermal Procedures

Price: $14.55

Green Soap 250ml

SKU: TAP0026 Quantity:

Concentrate Cosco Tincture of Green Soap
Dilution Ratio: 1 green soap to 8 water.

Price: $18.2